Changing the way we value, count, cost and protect what matters most.

CostCarbon is dedicated to making environmental costs and social values a part of every financial transaction.

It is a universally coherent system  that integrates carbon counting and accounting to drive the cycling and distribution of resources for regenerative growth.

How to transition by 2030

The Problem

Our current economic model, built on the false premise of infinite resources where all economic transactions are quantified using a monetary metric. This singular metric is leading us towards collapse of natural systems, planetary warming, waste, and want.

Our Solution

CostCarbon introduces a multi-metric capital model, integrating financial, natural and social capital into every transaction, enabling environmental costs to be counted and accounted for, driving down risks and price, and accelerating the transition towards a regenerative economy.

Be part of the Movement towards Regenerative Economic Growth

Why it works

Adding carbon as a unit of cost alongside price, might provide a nature based metric that rewards transparency and accountability in transactions. This second metric will double economic activity for governments, businesses and individual decision makers to drive demand for sustainable practices from their suppliers. This demand leadership will deliver global change towards a resilient and equitable future.

Before the automobile, if people were asked what they wanted, they might of said faster horses.

Before abundant energy, materials and information people might have wanted more of each.

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